Good Excuses to Call Out of Work

To take a break from the workplace may not be as easy as you think especially when there are deadlines to meet and a lot of pending work to take care of. At the same time there are days when you do not feel like getting up for work; you may be feeling stressed because of work pressures or genuinely unwell dues to fatigue and exertion. In such cases, a day or a couple of days away from the office can work wonders. However, the employer is less than keen to grant your leave request. This is when you will need excuses to call out of work; these excuses should sound credible and genuine. If you are caught lying about your excuse to stay away from work, you may get into trouble with the employers. Try using fake doctor note mentioning a medical reason which would work in your favor. Using ridiculous excuses to skip work can make the employers annoyed with you and this may not be conducive for you in the long run when it comes to your performance appraisal at the office. Amongst the many good excuses to call out of work, there are some which are more often used than the others. You can use any of these following grounds to skip work:

Health Problems: This is by far the most common excuse that one can use to stay away from office. You can always call up the office administration and inform them that you have been diagnosed with the flu and advised by the doctor to stay at home. You could also say that a family member is suffering from chicken pox or any other infectious ailment and the doctors have asked you to stay at home to avoid spreading the infection. Saying that you have got a pink eye may sound very believable and get you a few days break from work right away. Sometimes saying that there is an emergency at home involving any of your family members may also be an effective excuse to get out of work. You can also state that your pet is unwell or has met with an accident and you need to take him immediately to a vet.

Appointments: Saying that you have an appointment with a lawyer or a specialist doctor can help you stay out of work if you can claim that the appointment was pre-fixed and there is no way you can postpone it since the lawyer or doctor will be traveling.

Commuting Issues: Stating that your car has broken down or you have been caught in traffic which is not likely to lessen soon may help you miss a day’s work at the office. You can also say that your vehicle has got stranded because of some malfunctioning and you have to wait since you have called for mechanics to help you.

These are only some common excuses that you can make use of to skip work. These sound more believable and employers are not likely to doubt your intentions when you use these. It is advisable however to notify your employers in advance if you wish to make these excuses appear more credible. At the same time, excuses such as these should be used sparingly and only in times when you know you will never get a leave from work.

You should ideally lay the groundwork in advance to ensure they sound credible. You must also take care to inform your boss at the right time, preferably an hour in advance.